Body Stories

My poem, "Sleeping Dogs", was published in Body Stories zine in October 2019. At the zine launch, I performed the poem, accompanying myself on a squishy, homemade keytar.

Body Stories is a zine anthology "that invites conversations exploring how we inhabit space, environment, and our beings" (description from the zine's instagram account). My poem is about the way the body appears in dreams and altered states, and about how those liminal states can change the body. It is about being fundamentally altered by something that is imperceptible to everybody else.

The launch also featured a soft installation by Cassandra Smith and an interactive sound sculpture by James Grant.

You can purchase a copy of the zine by sending a message through the Body Stories instagram page.

I don't have a video of my performance, so here I've included a demo video of the keytar in action, as well as some images from the launch. Body Stories zine launch was photographed by Carmen Zammit.

Demonstration video of my soft keytar, made using an Adafruit Flora microcontroller with conductive fabric and thread. The keytar (which functionally is really more of a custom game controller) is connected to a PocketCHIP running Phase synth by Humbletune.
Body Stories zine, photographed at the launch. Cover image by Alanna Lorenzon.
Photo of the interior of
          AKA Yoga Studio. Sound mixing equipment and beanbags are on the floor. People are sitting on the beanbags.
Photo from the launch, showing James Grant's sound installation. The installation is operated by sitting on the beanbags. I am in the top right corner, taking my jacket off.
Photo of the interior of
          AKA Yoga Studio. Padded, amorphous objects are in the foreground. People are lounging on them.
          There are other people standing and talking in the background.
Photo from the launch, showing Cassandra Smith's soft installation in the foreground and James Grant's sound sculpture in the background.