Submissions-based zine. The initialism "LTLE" stands for "Letters To the LTLE Editor". Anyone could submit a letter to me about any subject, and I would print it on a hand-drawn background. Two issues were produced, the first in November 2014, the second in April 2015.

Front cover of LTLE Issue 1
A page from LTLE issue 1. The text reads:
"To find the dark spot in the neck that stops us we have to breath again and again and again and again and again and again.

Every morning I rub myself on my mattress soaked in my own body oil, oiiily oilllly

A Noun."
A page from LTLE issue 2, in which the editor responds to a letter The text reads:
"Editor’s letter regarding the editor’s letter to the intended letter-writer

It has been brought to my attention, via a letter to the editor, that I have been discriminatory in my publishing practices in that I only publish letters that have actually been written and sent to me.

As such, in this issue of LTLE, I have instituted an Unwritten Letter Holding Space. This space will contain the potential of all the letters that never made it out of the letter-writer’s imagination.

It is all very well for me to say I am making a space for the publication of the unfeasible and incomprehensible, but if I don’t make space for that which is ultimately unfeasible and incomprehensible, i.e., that which is imperceptible or even unimaginable, then I have not carried this project to its logical conclusion.

Yours in unfeasible specificity,