Panpsychic Household Solutions: Alanna's House

16 July, 2012

Alanna’s living room is a room person. I am a human person. When I was cleaning Alanna’s living room, I realised that my involvement in the room and the room’s involvement with me caused the creation of one further person. Room-person-human-person person.

Now whenever I am anywhere at all I find myself thinking about what kind of person is created by my actions in that place. I need to clean these combination persons as well as simply the room persons. I hope I managed to do this in Alanna’s living room.

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closeup of a beige carpet
Alanna's carpet near fireplace
closeup of the bottom of an old fireplace
Alanna's unusable fireplace
a skirting board with a hole in it which has been stuffed with fabric
Alanna's skirting board with fabric
a wall with black marks on it and a cable running down it, a mantlepiece on the left, and a roll of paper on the right
Alanna's wall with ineradicable spots
a jar containing little pieces of fluff and grime, sitting on a windowsill
Alanna's floor residue