Panpsychic Household Solutions: Carolyn's House #1

22 July, 2012

Carolyn’s living room contains the tautness of two worlds. There are the toys and children’s DVDs. There are the books on theology, ancient history and philosophy, and the ancient stone tools in the cabinet. There are some things that only children can comprehend, just as there are things that mean nothing until one is sufficiently grown up. We have a mechanism of difference within a unit. It seems as if everything is made up of organs which do not form a body, except to the extent that we are born to see wholes, not pieces.

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window with net curtain tied up at the left, looking out onto greenery
Carolyn's window
a sofa with a child's scribble on the arm and a cat tunnel balancing on the top
Carolyn's sofa with child's drawing on it
living room with coffee table, window, clothes rack and kitten on a sofa
Carolyn's coffee table with kitten in the background
coffee table with deep scratches in its surface
Carolyn's coffee table with scratches