Panpsychic Household Solutions: Carolyn's House #3

17 September, 2012

I was cleaning Carolyn’s house and recording myself mimicking the sounds being made as I cleaned. The sounds had the appearance of words. I realised that my relations with things, indeed everyone’s relations with things, take place on the level of appearance, on the level of aesthetics. That things appear to be something, that things appear at all, is the most fundamental fact to which I can have access. The sounds had the appearance of words, so I wrote down those appearance-words and arranged them into a poem.

Carolyn's House Poem
Sure, sure, for sure
you are to me
doing being me
but you choke –
such chalky skin
hatches a black cloak
and you say such hushed stuff.

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the bottom of a folded pram sitting on an ornantely patterned rug
Carolyn's rug with folded pram
closeup of an ornately patterned rug
Carolyn's rug closeup
a window with dirt on it. Image is focused so that the dirt can be clearly seen but the view through the window is blurry
Carolyn's window with dirt on the outside