Panpsychic Household Solutions: June's House

16 July, 2012

June’s floor seemed to glow, even before I scrubbed it. I used water mixed with bi-carb soda and white vinegar in a white bucket. I filled and emptied the bucket three times; the water looked different each time. Just before I emptied it for the first time, the water was glowing silvery bronze. The second time, the water looked golden, like light from the sun. The third time, it was mostly just brown. The overwhelming sense of brown did not detract from the glow of the water.

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an old metal dustpan and brush on wooden floorboards
June's dustpan and brush
red yarn hanging from the back of a grey sofa on a wooden floor
June's floor behind sofa
a wooden floor with metal chair legs and a wooden table leg in the top left corner
June's floor with table leg
a wooden floor with three holes in it and a metal chairleg
June's floor with holes
a wooden floor with the base of a kitchen bench in the top right corner
June's floor between the table and bench
a wooden floor next to a window that looks onto wooden decking
June's floor by the window