Psych Med Withdrawal Tips

1x2m digitally-printed banner, produced for Found Festival 2015.

This work is about the value of not explaining oneself. In mainstream mental health narratives, there is little space for dissenting opinions regarding the value of medications and the nature of psychological trauma. People with a psychiatric history are usually denied a voice unless it matches the medical model. If they disagree, they’re dismissed as too sick to know what they’re talking about.

Even when other narratives are heard, pains are usually taken to water them down with caveats about how not everyone needs the same thing. Such disclaimers are only required when one describes a dissenting experience - convention is never pressed to acknowledge any view other than its own.

In this work, I aimed to present psychiatric alternatives without caveat or context. The banner presents no theories, describes no social contexts, and offers no ameliorating statements regarding medication or the medical model of mental illness. It simply provides practical information: possibilities for people to try for themselves, investigate further, reject outright, or ignore altogether.

Pencil drawing
          of a person's face; a happy monster is oozing from their eyes. Drawing has a
          large heading which reads 'Psych med withdrawal tips'
Psych Med Withdrawal Tips:
"Research the risks and process of withdrawal before you begin
Change is hard! Make a plan, take it slow, and be kind to yourself
Surround yourself with supportive friends
Act normal around those with prejudicial opinions."